Customer Story

Western Digital:
B&H Refresh Program

Innomark helps Western Digital refresh brand displays at B&H with interchangeable magnetic graphics


Electronics, Technology


Western Digital, as we know it, was officially founded in 1970. From the invention of the first hard drive to recent technological advancements, they are a long-time trusted global brand. Their full line of data storage solutions is sold at B&H, an e-commerce retailer with a brick-and-mortar Super Store that appeals to specialized customers. This New York location merchandises Western Digital products on both levels of the sales floor, where campaigns are refreshed annually.

Innomark has managed Western Digital’s refresh program in B&H over the past several years. The first initiative launched in 2018, consisting of two sides of the gondola inline and two end caps. The space has been regularly updated with current marketing material through the following components each year.

  • Two full sides of inline space
  • Graphic posters for end caps 
  • Dummy boxes for the inline (empty and stored in acrylic casing for security purposes)
  • End cap units with touchscreen technology 
  • End caps with looping video screens
Western Digital wanted to educate customers on the quality and performance of their products compared to their competitors’ offerings.  Consumers often purchase based on price, which can lead to products that fall short of expectations.  The value of these displays is their ability to efficiently showcase products and communicate benefits.  

“They have created a way to convey messaging alongside visually appealing, attention-grabbing displays that also educate and inform the customer,”

The number of featured products is also a factor. Western Digital has a large family of brands, including WD_Black, SanDisk, and G-Technology, which was recently rebranded as SanDisk Professional. Each has its own SKUs and product launches that require educational information and quick updates. Therefore, Innomark added interchangeable magnetic graphics as a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Finally, electronic components present technical difficulties. Innomark performs exhaustive testing and troubleshooting before and during installations to ensure that content runs smoothly at retail.


Overall, this initiative has been a valued investment for Western Digital. Both the retailer and consumers have commented on the displays’ clean design and appearance. The client also confirmed that featured product sales support the contract for Western Digital to continue occupying this dedicated space in B&H.

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