Our Story

Innomark’s founders shared a vision for building the industry’s most unique, fully-integrated Visual Merchandising solution.  They acquired a large-format printing company in Dayton, Ohio and expanded to include in-house conceptual and structural design, display and packaging manufacturing, fulfillment, retail décor production, and consumer experience solutions.  Over thirty years later, the company owns and operates production facilities in Ohio and Indiana, as well as design and customer support centers in California and Pennsylvania.

The Vision is Born (1991)

Printing Service Company is acquired as the foundation for a completely integrated Visual Marketing solution.

Early Expansion (1993)

A new large-format offset lithography facility in Richmond, IN allows the company to better serve its growing client base.

A Step Forward in Pre-Press (1995)

Concept Imaging Group acquisition embraces the digital pre-press age and establishes a foundation for digital printing.

Adding Display Manufacturing (1997)

Prestige Packaging acquisition brings multi-dimensional display capabilities.

One Brand, Endless Possibilities (2000)

Innomark Communications, LLC and Innomark brand are formed to market and support sister companies.

A Package Deal (2002)

Innomark forms an in-house packaging operation.

A Longer Life at Retail (2006)

Innomark expands into permanent display design and engineering.

Introducing In-House 40” Printing (2009)

C&O Printing acquisition adds 40” printing to already robust in-house printing capabilities.

Digital Printing Expansion (2012)

Innomark’s digital printing capacity triples with significant investment in new equipment and technology.

Retail Without Boundaries (2018)

RWOB, a full creative suite focusing on design solutions, innovation, and consumer experience, launches in Pittsburgh, PA.

Permanent Display Expansion (2018)

Innomark expands its permanent and interactive display operations to include an in-house model shop.

A Milestone Birthday (2021)

Innomark celebrates 30 years of building brands at retail.

Streamlining Operations (2021)

Innomark consolidates the kit packing and fulfillment functions and transitions both to a new 350,000 sq. ft. facility.

Expanding Retail Without Boundaries (2023)

RWOB moves to an upgraded studio to accommodate account growth and new creative talent.

Fabrication Refresh (2023)

Innomark updates its temporary display operations with new mounting, die-making, and die-cutting equipment.

Expanding & Relocating Digital Operations
(Coming in 2024!)

Innomark expands and relocates its digital operation to a newly constructed state-of-the-art facility.