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Innomark understands that strong creative is essential to an impactful retail experience. Our in-house Creative Services team provides conceptual creative, structural and graphic design, and engineering. They are strategically located in Cincinnati, New York, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles to efficiently service clients in all major markets.


We kick off a project with a meeting to gather and discuss relative information and determine a client’s intended goals. In this initial phase of the design process, all stakeholders share insights, user needs, market trends and technical considerations to better inform the direction(s) we take. The aim is to create a solid foundation and understanding before we move forward to the design and development phases.


During this step, our designers often diverge to explore a wide range of possibilities before converging on the most promising ideas. This phase encourages experimentation, risk taking and open-mindedness to discover new perspectives and uncover unique solutions. It allows for the evaluation and refinement of multiple design directions before selecting the most suitable approach to move forward with in the next phases of our process.


We utilize this important step to better implement any budgetary factors into a chosen design. Our design engineers use their expertise to flush out best approaches at material applications, manufacturing and successful outcomes in the retail space. This is where concepts become reality!


This phase encompasses a wide range of technologies tailored to improve efficiency, optimize inventory management, personalize customer interactions, and streamline overall operations within the retail space. We deploy POS systems, Inventory management systems, E commerce platforms, customer analytics, RFID technology, AR/VR and supply chain management solutions to name a few.


Our designs are engineered to fit anywhere from one location to thousands. With the latest software and a complete knowledge of wire, plastics, steel, and wood we can build, organize, and install a completely unique customer experience. Our engineers work directly with our manufacturing partners to create successful outcomes time after time.


A crucial step in the development process that allows for early identification of potential issues, cost-effective modifications and ensures that the final product aligns with a customer’s desired specifications and objectives. Once a prototype meets the desired criteria and receives approval, it serves as a blueprint for mass production.


Our project managers work lock step with our internal production facilities and manufacturing partners to control costs, timelines, and product quality. We pride ourselves in the attention to the details that make every customer experience a great one.


We are partnered with installers throughout the country that can tackle any size job be it a single location or a chain of stores. Our partners are adept at fixtures, lighting, signage, and technology integration. This critical step is crucial to a positive shopping experience for customers and their purchase decisions.

Our Creative Process

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