Innomark Adds Updated Fulfillment & Kit Packing Facility

Innomark Adds Updated Fulfillment and Kit Packing Facility

Innomark understands that investing in its facilities is essential to creating, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality Visual Marketing materials.  The company is pleased to announce that it recently opened a new state-of-the-art Fulfillment and Kit Packing facility located at 8531 Trade Center Drive in West Chester, Ohio.

This newly constructed facility allows Innomark to merge its Kit Packing and Fulfillment operations, while increasing warehouse storage space.  The ability to consolidate two vital functions within the manufacturing and delivery process will increase efficiency and minimize transportation between facilities.  This new location also provides 325,000 square feet of class A space with a 36-foot clear ceiling height.  This translates to a space expansion of over 3,360,000 cubic feet compared to the prior facilities.
The Trade Center Drive building is located in close proximity to Innomark’s primary manufacturing facilities.  Therefore, transporting finished parts for Kit Packing and Fulfillment will remain fast and efficient and shorten the regular routes made with Innomark-owned trucking equipment.  This location also allows Innomark to retain any and all strategic advantages and cost savings associated with nationwide distribution from the Midwest.
The company has already transitioned its Kit Packing function to the new Trade Center Drive location.  It is now working on a seamless transition for its Fulfillment division, which is expected to be fully operational by June 1, 2021.
Innomark is excited to join esteemed companies, such as General Electric and Pipeline Packaging, as part of the West Chester Trade Center community.  It is confident that this new facility, which enables it to consolidate operations and increase storage space, will further its ability to efficiently service clients and deliver high-quality Visual Marketing solutions.

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