Innomark Introduces StackaWraps® 3D Product Replicas

Innomark is committed to bringing innovation and new technology to the retail environment through both internal development and external partnerships.  The company is pleased to announce that it recently entered into a licensing agreement with StackaWraps, a United Kingdom-based company that specializes in 3D product replicas.

StackaWraps can add visual appeal and dimension to virtually any retail display.  The company uses patented and patent-pending software to convert high-quality 2D images into realistic 3D displays and display components.  The process generally begins with a high-resolution product shot.  StackaWraps separates the image into multiple layers and provides augmented die files and artwork that allow Innomark to produce a flat background piece, as well as a multi-dimensional product replica.  The replica attaches to the background to create a new multi-dimensional display or complement an existing design.  StackaWraps can also use a 2D image to create a freestanding product replica with a base.  In either case, Innomark works with StackaWraps to obtain files and produces all components internally.
This technology can accurately replicate nearly any product or packaging shape, including those with curvature and intricate details.  Its corrugated framework and paperboard graphics are ideal for temporary and semi-permanent displays.  These materials eliminate the need for expensive tooling and provide a fast and cost-effective alternative to molded plastic.  The result can also be FSC® certified and ensure a sustainable solution that is completely recyclable.
The StackaWraps partnership perfectly complements Innomark’s design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as its drive for sustainable solutions at retail.  Innomark’s Creative Services team can combine StackaWraps with lights, motion, and other theatrical effects to attract attention and engage shoppers.  Its diverse printing and fabrication equipment can bring these concepts to life in many sizes, including those that are appropriate for in-store displays, trade show events, and more. 

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