Customer Story

Holiday Cracker Boxes

Innomark creates fun and festive packaging for Wella’s Holiday Cracker Boxes, utilizing embossing, foil stamping, and innovative design to enhance the unboxing experience


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Wella wanted to provide a fun unboxing experience for the holiday season. The concept was to design a limited-time package based on the Christmas Cracker Boxes people use as table decorations throughout the season.


The challenge was to create a design that completely embodied the popular Christmas novelty, but also protected the product and performed well at retail. We conducted ship tests on initial designs and used results to guide the revision process. The final solution included a printed end cap that prevented the ends of the carton from being crushed. We produced regular sized and mini versions for a total of seven SKUs.

Print quality also played a role in achieving the desired look and feel. Innomark’s packaging facility collaborated with our in-house pre-press department to ensure that all versions ran smoothly. We added inline embossing and/or foil stamping to select versions for a premium touch.


These Holiday Cracker Box cartons were featured in Canadian stores during the winter season. Overall, Wella was pleased with the end result and may consider similar themes for future seasonal packaging projects.

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