Customer Story

Revolution Beauty: Looney Tunes End Cap

Innomark Creates a fun and colorful Looney Tunes End Cap Display to launch Revolution Beauty’s licensed products


Makeup, Skincare and Hair 


Revolution Beauty wanted to launch their licensed Looney Tunes line with a fun and colorful end cap display in a popular beauty retailer. They asked Innomark to create a clean, but playful display that is easy to shop and stands out in a highly competitive retail environment. The approved end cap also had to accommodate both testers and merchandising product for a variety of face palettes, lip oils, and accessories.


Our designers built all featured products in 3D and did several rounds of modeling to determine the best planogram based on shop-ability and the brand’s priority.  The approved concept featured three shelves with a variety of product trays, testers, and Looney Tunes themed graphics.  Space limitations made it challenging to fit the required shadow and highlighter palettes and their corresponding testers on the top shelf.  Therefore, we added height and an angled front panel to maximize space for both product testing and merchandising.


Innomark co-packed the display with supplied product and shipped to a distribution center for forwarding to the retailer.  Displays sold out of product in a matter of weeks.  Both Revolution Beauty and the retailer were pleased with its fun and colorful design, as well as its contribution to product trial and sales.

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