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Honey Stinger:
Oat + Honey Bar Launch

Innomark Creates Innovative Packaging Solution for Honey Stinger’s Oat + Honey Bar Product Launch

Honey Stinger Custom Packaging Case Study
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Food and Beverage


Honey Stinger planned to unveil their new Oat + Honey Bar at Expo West in Anaheim, California. They wanted a packaging solution would enable sampling, communicate product benefits, and drive trade show traffic. Their Marketing team envisioned a half-circle structure with prominent branding and a strong call to action.

Achieving the half-circle structure, while meeting packaging production requirements and maintaining shape throughout client distribution, was a challenge. Innomark’s packaging designers ensured structural integrity by adding a series of locking tabs and manipulating the grain direction of the material. The final concept included two structural components. The design team carefully applied graphics to both pieces for maximum aesthetic appeal and a seamless finished product.


The client added a Honey + Oat Bar sample to each box and distributed through three hotels that were associated with the trade show. The packed boxes were delivered to trade show attendees’ rooms upon check-in. In addition to a product sample, the inside of the package contained an invitation to visit Honey Stinger’s booth to sample a second flavor. Overall, this custom carton that doubled as a mini product glorifier was a pleasant surprise for hotel guests and a fun way to drive trial and trade show traffic.

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