Customer Story

Dorothy Lane Market:
SNS Digital Display System

Innomark delivers a unique shopping experience at DLM with Its SNS Digital Display System, creating awareness for new products and specialty items


Grocery Chain


DLM (Dorothy Lane Market), a gourmet grocery chain based in Dayton, Ohio, wanted to increase awareness for specialty items and new products. They also wanted to increase consistency and continuity across all stores by repurposing online engagement and social media content in-store.


Innomark proposed using an SNS Digital Display system to showcase featured products and motivate purchase near the checkout lanes in multiple stores. The system includes multiple digital display screens with the ability to update and control content through a proprietary mobile application. Content highlights specific product offerings, as well as community and employee sentiment to provide a friendly look and align with the brand’s localized culture.


DLM was pleased with the installation and in-store activation. The SNS Digital Display system introduced a new method of shopper engagement, increased awareness for signature product offerings, and celebrated DLM’s customers and employees. Also, the ability to continuously refresh content provides instant advertising opportunities for new items, services, and seasonal messaging.

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