Customer Story

Chico's FAS:
Customer Appreciation Boxes

Innomark creates a memorable unboxing experience for top customers at Chico’s and White House Black Market


Fashion Retailer


Chico’s and White House Black Market (WHBM) wanted to recognize their top customers with a token of appreciation for their loyalty. The goal was to create a premium, personalized unboxing experience for each gift recipient.

The client selected preserved roses as the gift and engaged Innomark to assist with packaging design and production, kit packing, and distribution. The Innomark team designed and produced a premium shipper with offset printed graphics and an interior insert to secure and protect the roses in transit. The inside of each lid prominently features a Chico’s or WHBM logo to create an instant connection with the recipient. We also applied branded vinyl decals to the outside of the packaging that held the roses.

The client wanted to customize each unboxing experience with a personal “Thank You” note. Innomark’s digital division used variable data printing to apply the appropriate customer’s name to each individual note. Innomark was also responsible for assembling and packing each box, checking for quality, and drop shipping to the supplied customer list.


Chico’s FAS appreciated the simplicity of the design, as well as Innomark’s ability to meet the required budget and lead time.

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