As retail evolves, technology’s role in Visual Marketing will continue to grow. INNOMARK provides a complete offering of technology solutions designed to enhance the retail experience and facilitate the order and delivery process.


Signage and collateral online ordering system


  • Convenient order processing and tracking
  • Live inventory reporting
  • Brand customizable
  • Interactive reporting interface



Print-on-Demand Online Ordering System


  • Place signage orders using an intuitive online catalog
  • Order custom signage based on variable data templates
  • Download only options for self-printing and proofing
  • One order system for both fulfillment and POD items



Store Profiling System


  • Reduce waste, save time, minimize shipping costs
  • Track and maintain individual store attributes
  • Generate distribution lists for campaigns and sign kits
  • Save campaign templates for reuse
  • Full integration with INNOMARK production and fulfillment software



Mobile application for easy sign replenishment


  • Conveniently identify and re-order signage using image recognition technology
  • Replace torn or wrinkled signage using a cell phone camera
  • Request store images for campaign validation
  • Customized user login to identify store location