Dick's Sporting Goods

Dimensional Football Wall

  • Add dimension to the Team Sports area in Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.
  • Draw attention to the designated area.
  • Ensure visibility from great distances within the store.
  • Utilize existing banner hardware to elevate and secure the display.

  • Pre-assembled E-flute boxes form the durable base structure.
  • Boxes are 4’ wide and clip together to create a 16’ display.
  • Separating the artwork into multiple layers added depth and dimension.
  • Artwork “layers” attach to the base as lug-ons using pre-attached struts.
  • 3/16” Foam board maximizes lug-on print quality and adds stability.
  • Existing banner hardware raises the display 10’ above the floor.

  • The client was pleased with the pre-assembled box design and has since implemented several projects based on this concept.
  • This project changed the client’s perception of how to incorporate overhead signage using existing banner arm hardware and slat wall/peg hook or wire rack as a support mechanism.

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