Elizabeth Diamond Company

SNS Digital Display System

Elizabeth Diamond Company (EDC) wanted to boost shopper inspirations for wedding diamonds and engagement jewelry during its 2019 Spring Bling event.

Innomark’s in-store experience team worked with EDC to create a custom SNS Digital Display System. It includes three 20”x20” digital display screens that integrate social media content into the showroom experience. This system allows EDC to instantly feature rich media content through its vendors’ SNS (social networking sites) accounts, as well as its own.

Updating content is a snap using the system’s proprietary mobile application. Store associates can highlight diamonds, time pieces, precious stones, accessory settings, and lifestyle images to engage and inspire customers.

This system’s versatility allows EDC to target browsing customers by highlighting various diamond cuts and styles, ultimately shortening the sales cycle for high-involvement purchases.

The EDC Marketing Team uses hashtags to encourage customers to share the emotional journey of “the big day” and how they are wearing signature pieces. The use of hashtags allows them to easily crowdsource content, celebrate the shopping experience, and become part of buyers’ milestone moments.

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