Back to School Display

The client wanted to focus on a Back to School Theme. We worked together to create a nostalgic, yellow, #2 pencil design that would tap into the emotional and sentimental connections for teachers, parents, grandparents, and children.

This display attracts attention through disruptive and multi-dimensional design. The #2 pencil structure and graphics establish an emotional connection and nostalgic sentiment for the shopper. Multi-dimensional lug-ons showcase the product and position it as a tool to help students, parents, and teachers stay organized throughout the school year. A promotional savings pouch at the top provides a call to action, while easy access to labeling hardware and tape supplies allows convenient shopping.

The #2 pencil was a familiar back to school symbol that facilitated a connection with the target audience. The client was also pleased with the quality, construction, and appearance of this display.

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