WellPet was launching 12 new SKUs of WHIMZEES dental chews. They needed a custom permanent display that would generate impulse purchases, increase sales, and effectively merchandise all new SKUs in a major pet care retailer.

Innomark designed, engineered, and delivered this compact floor display with six rows of shelves that contain two product SKUs each. We designed the shelves at an angle to reduce the footprint and allow enough head room for shoppers to comfortably access the product. WHIMZEES are sold in bulk. Therefore, shoppers needed a way to easily pack and carry. A bag holder on the side of the display allows consumers to tear off, shop the selection, and easily transport product to the register.

Client feedback has been positive. All displays shipped directly to the retailer’s distribution centers. They were fully assembled and packed on pallets with product. Recipients simply placed the display in the retail space, added the header, and replaced product when necessary.

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