INNOMARK Builds State-of-the-Art Digital Printing Facility

INNOMARK Communications, a leader in printing production over the past three decades, continues to build its digital printing capabilities.  The Digital Printing Market is expected to grow from $31.37 billion in 2023 to $43.10 billion by 2028 (Mondor Intelligence).  Technological advances are improving quality and fueling demand for digitally printed displays, signage, décor graphics, and short-run packaging.  INNOMARK is pleased to announce that it will accommodate this growing demand by expanding and relocating its digital printing operation to a newly constructed, state-of-the-art facility in 2024.

The company worked with Ferguson Construction and a skilled team of architects and energy consultants to design a 96,480 sq. ft. building that maximizes efficiency, promotes sustainability, and provides ample space for continued investment in digital printing technology.  It will be located at 3253 South Tech Boulevard in Springboro, Ohio.

This location, which is situated in one of the nation's largest land and air travel markets, is adjacent to INNOMARK's large-format offset lithography operations and provides shared access to both facilities.  It also offers convenient interstate highway access and close proximity to Austin Landing, a central hub for dining and entertainment.  The building will house INNOMARK's digital printing and finishing equipment, as well as a team of 64 operators, pre-media professionals, planners, quality assurance experts, shipping and packing associates, and executive leaders.  INNOMARK also expects this facility to create a minimum of 15 new jobs over a three-year period.

The facility was designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the operation's carbon footprint, while maintaining the ideal climate-controlled conditions for high-quality digital print production.  Management carefully planned the building's design to drive energy efficiency and reduce emissions through optimal HVAC and humidity control systems, LED lighting, roofing materials, and advanced insulation.  INNOMARK is also investigating the economic feasibility of installing a roof-top solar array as a renewable energy source, which is estimated to provide up to one-third of the plant's current electricity needs.

The company broke ground in August and expects to complete construction in the third quarter of 2024.  INNOMARK would like to thank the City of Springboro, Montgomery County, and JobsOhio for their roles in planning and executing this project.  The strong and active support from the city, county, and state levels has been instrumental in making this project a possibility.  INNOMARK is very proud to call southwest Ohio its home and headquarters.

INNOMARK looks forward to transitioning its digital operation to a new facility that provides the space and composition required to increase efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and accommodate modern digital printing equipment.  The company is confident that these improvements, combined with a more sustainable footprint, will further elevate its product and service offering, as well as its contributions to customers, employees, and the southwest Ohio community.


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