Innomark Wins OMA Awards

The Shop! OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards recognize in-store displays that set the standard for modern merchandising and design.  Gold, silver, and bronze honors are awarded in each category within the divisions of temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.  The 22 competition categories include product-based, retail-based, specialty, and aisle redesign groups.

Entrants submit comprehensive write-ups that outline the objectives, design solution, and results for each entry.  Entries are typically evaluated online, as well as in person, by a distinguished judging panel that includes brands, retailers, agencies, and producers.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all judging was executed online through photos, write-ups, and videos.  INNOMARK submitted six entries and received the following six awards.

  • Kroger Apple Stack Display (Shop! Creative Award for Temporary Display)
  • Kroger Apple Stack Display (Supermarket, Temporary - Gold )
  • Harry's Meijer End Cap (Mass Merchandise, Semi-Permanent - Gold)
  • Western Digital ibi Display (Personal Electronics, Permanent - Bronze)
  • Luzianne EcoPost Display (Food, Semi-Permanent - Bronze)
  • New Chapter Floor Display (Healthcare, Temporary - Bronze)
INNOMARK was honored to join the Kroger Company in accepting the Shop! Creative Award for the Kroger Apple Stack display.  The Creative Award celebrates the creativity of merchandising design and execution and engages the creative community through acknowledging excellence based solely on ideation, imagination, and forward thinking.  The Apple Stack display was truly a collaborative effort between Innomark and the Kroger Print Services, Campaign Management, and Creative teams.

INNOMARK would like to congratulate its clients and employees on a tremendous effort in designing, printing, producing, and delivering these projects.  INNOMARK truly values the continued partnership and support of each client and team member.  It looks forward to developing many more innovative concepts and delivering winning results at retail.


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