The Shop! OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) Awards recognize in-store displays that set the standard for modern merchandising and design. Gold, silver, and bronze honors are awarded in each category within the divisions of temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. The 23 competition categories include product-based, retail-based, specialty, and aisle redesign groups.

The contest requires entrants to submit a comprehensive write-up that outlines the objectives, design solution, and results for each entry. Entries are evaluated online, as well as in person by a distinguished judging panel that includes brands, retailers, agencies, and producers.

INNOMARK would like to congratulate its clients and employees on a tremendous effort in designing, printing, producing, and delivering these projects. We truly value the continued partnership and support of each client and team member. The company looks forward to a prosperous 2018 that allows us to deliver many more projects that provide winning results at retail.


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